Dear lord i ask for a miracle to heal my daughter Ciera

by Adriane (Stockton, CA)

Dear lord i ask for a miracle to heal my daughter Ciera, she is 22 and she suffers from severe OCD and anxiety but the last 6 months have been the worst now depression is adding to it. She does not get out of bed will not leave the house or wont see anyone. She is loosing faith and giving up, she dont want to be alive anymore be cause she hates feeling this way her fears are controlling her mind. I knoe fear is from the devil im praying every day i need help i feel lost and feel im getting pulled in. Please heal her ease her mind body and soul, let her feel she will get better help her. Give her strength to fight her fears strength to go on. Amen thank you Jesus

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  1. Amen

    I also suffer from anxiety and depression right. Is have been for four months now. The anxiety attacks came out of nowhere this august. I lost my baby in June and my doctor had this birth control put in me and ever since I haven’t been the same and I have three children and I am married. I’ve been to the hospital so many times in the past few months it is ridiculous and I never go to the hospital unless I had to for my pregnancies on base like check ups. I am only 24 years old and so stressed out it is ridiculous. My neck gets stiff and my throat feels tight I can’t breath and my heart races and chest pains and headaches and depression now but more just worrying and I had attacks everyday throughout the day and didn’t want to keep taking Ativan stop the attacks and I refused take antidepressants. Tell her to try vitafusion gummy called relaxed mood I take two a day well I was but for past three weeks now I haven’t taken anything. I get nervous worrry but no attacks where feels like your dying ugh those feelings are scary. Or try something with Passion flower in it like tranquility pills I heard are very good helps release chemicals we have in our brain keep us calm. So far I’m still dealing with anxious feelings and little chest pains. I’ve gone to cardiologist and ENT specialist and even had ct scan on my head because I thought my brain had infection or something it so far I’m okay my blood results are good. I have tell myself stop running to the doctors and emergency room because your going end up stressing so much you’ll create a problem something will show up eventually and then I’ll be crying and wishing I didn’t have it. I know it is hard because I’m still dealing with it and I’m praying it will get better but I’ll pray for her also. She needs you and you need her.. I use to be full of joy and adventurous and go places with my family by now I’m afraid go anywhere I feel I need be close to a hospital and that isn’t good. I want to help others as I’m helping try heal myself. This is horrible experience especially because we get brain fog and feel disconnected and off balance and not right in the head were just so afraid and we are stronger then that. Everything will get better continue to pray maybe she will try the vitafusion relaxed mood gummy I purchased them at pharmacy or valerian root helps calm also or tranquility eBay has them little cheaper then the website but they help so much. God bless you both

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