Dear lord, I am sorry for the lack of faith

by Czarkazm (Atlanta, Ga)

Dear lord,

I am sorry for the lack of faith I have shown and the sins that i have committed against you and your will.

Lord, I am hurting. My relationship is in trouble and I know no one could save it but you. Of course I want your will to be done, so if you see fit, please bring my love back to me?

I know we haven’t treated each other in the best way all the time but i love her so much. We are coming from a place of fear. We have both lost a lot in the past years and neither of us wants to hurt anymore.

I am a starting a new career at 40 and I am scared. She is newly divorced and wants to convert. I showed her your way Lord and she is willing to walk with you. Use me as a tool and let me be your vessel to save her soul.

Lord, I will walk with you on this. My way or not, please give me strength to do your will and to have faith in your ways.

Lord I want to marry her… I want to have a child with her. Please…

I love you,
Your faithful servant… J