Dear Lord I am overwhelmed with debt so much

by Keri (Trinidad)

Dear Lord I am overwhelmed with debt so much that it’s ripping me apart. I am working yet still I can’t seem to find a way to pay off my bills. Nothing is going right in my life at this time, it all started a few years ago and to this day I can’t seem to get a breakthrough. My bills are so much that I cry to cover up the pain although it doesn’t help when I cry and worry. But I really can’t go on another day or month like this ,my situation is allowing me to become enemies with people who love and care for me. This situation has made me see myself in such a bad light one that I don’t like it has made me into a lair as well. I pray for a new beginning one that will help me clear my bills,save and to stop living from paycheck to paycheck …I am willing to start over if you would help me get my life back together.Amen

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