Dear Lord i am calling, please hear me

by norma ()

. Dear Lord I am overwhelmed with these problems about money, because of debt that is as high as the sky, I am so down Lord Please save my daughter and son in law because the financier will sue and put them both to jail because we cannot pay the 10 thousand dollars on the 15th . Lord, you know I have lost almost all that I have from helping my family get through their daily problems full of debts because of the interests and interest of their borrowed money from people. Our family is burdened with sadness and despair because of the mountain full of debts from all over angles of our life. I feel so weak thinking of my daughter and son in law will be put in jail because of their debt of which the money was intended to help them be better. I am sorry Lord for all the mistakes we have done as a family but we remain loving each other inspite of this financial burden. Lord please give me hope that we can survive this ordeal and crisis. Please shower us Lord with the petals of hope from heavens and be turned into dollars so I can save my dear family from more distress. My grandchildren needed money for their tuition fees and other things but I cannot give them because I have to think of how to pay for the big sum of money to save my children. Lord help me I am calling for help, please hear me now I beg of you or our lives will be so glum. Holy Spirit please bless the person who is needing his money and make him good and let us pay in small amounts and do not sue my children . As soon as money comes we will pay him, Dear Lord make him a better person so he would not do what he planned to do to my family, please give him pity on my family . Thank you dear Lord for the money that will pour into our hands to keep our lives better and our love for each other despite of so many hardships and failures remain as ever true and lasting. Thank you Lord for the blessings of hope, faith and trust in you that everything will be settled, all our debts be paid and be together at last because I have not seen my family for almost 10 years. Lord thank your for your financial blessings today that I am claiming now. I love you Lord and Mama Mary.

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