Dear lord help me

Dear lord forgive me for my sins .I not always lived life right .I am in dire need financial help.I have lost my job at the beginning of the summer .then I lost my son father he passed away I feel very alone.we just lost are home now I can’t keep up on my billls they are wanting to take my car.

I was doing OK with money before all this I struggle but bills got paid I had nothing extra for close but we had a home and I am very thankful for that .now I can’t keep up I have sold almost everything starting over in life this time I like to so it right and better for my son .he is my world he means everything to me .he was a true gift.please lord help me find a job please let me keep my car and please lord help me get back if not better on my feet so my son does not ha e to suffer for my failures.

Lord you have always shown me the way please help me get backon track so I can get a safe home again not one like the last I was thankful but could never sleep cause I was scared I want peace n happenest .am very greatful for you lord thank you for bringing me this far .


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