Dear Lord, help me find a way

by Hurting Heart (California)

I have a malicious neighbor who has been reporting my dogs to animal control and association for no reason at all. Now the landlord (where I rent) wants them gone.

I am in need of a miracle, I can not afford to move right now and I don’t want to give my babies away either, they are my love and passion.
I have rescued many dogs through the years and found them new homes, making absolutely no profit, all because the passion I have for animals.
My neighbor is being dirty and wicked in her ways.

Please Lord, I ask for your guidance and love to be more like you and not take revenge. I ask that you bless us in some way so I can find a solution to this mess. You know Lord I have always been a kind and loving person, always helping everyone around me. I ask for Your help now. I have faith and your love in my heart. Please Father God send a miracle my way and help me stop hurting.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen