Dear Lord, Grant me Serenity

by Mandy (Ga)

Dear God, please forgive me for not being all I can be for you.please forgive me for doubting you. You have proved over and over to me your miracles. Thank you for keeping me sober these past four months. Thank you for taking care of my family and always providing.thank you for giving NE an amazing church family.and for keeping my kids safe and healthy.

I am so unworthy of any of your blessings and favor. I’m so sorry that I have been ungrateful.

You are such an awesome God,pleads help me to live according to your word,please be the mother,daughter,friend,wife that you want me and have given me the power to please forgive me of my sins and cleanse me with the blood of Jesus.I love you so much.please give me a sound mind and peace please take sexy all the unhealthy mindsets and strongholds in my mind.

Ease in Jesus name take all the wicked thoughts and emotions away and give me the love of Jesus so I can love others like you want me to.thank you Jesus,I already feel you lifting my anxieties away,I feel your peace.what an awesome God I Jesus name amen!!!

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