Dear Lord God, I fear my prayers are unheard

by Sad Moma (Ireland)

Dear Lord God, I fear my prayers are unheard and I now lie in a more desperate state. I fear my life is in despair and I am having more negative thoughts because of this. Please Lord forgive me of these sinful thoughts and my disrespect of the life you gave me. Help me come out of this feelings of fear, shame, darkness, loneliness and abandment. Please please hear and answer my prayers to get out of this awful debt and that I get my home sold quickly to do this, so I can move forward with this weight of my shoulders and live within my means. I have searched and said every prayer related to help me, said many novenas repeatingly and rossarys, light many holy candles, consciously did many good deeds and sacrifices as penence. What else can I do? Please please intercede, give me real hope. I go now with a heavy heart but still have hope my prayers will be answered and soon. amen