Dear lord, bring my love back

by Mario (Colombo)

Dear Lord Jesus,

I here speak to you, i have lost my love, whom i loved the most and the best in my life. I was tempted by evil and i was uncontrollable which made my partner hurt. I regret for all i did and i am helpless now. I have lost my partner who loved me the best, please lord hear mt prayers, please give her back to me.

I need her, that is the only joy and happiness i had in my life. Please lord jesus help me, dont let the evil tempt me into bad, remove evil from me. I am praying for you everyday, please give me my love back for the rest of my life and please keep our love with you. Please make my partners heart to heal and let her come to me. I miss her alot and i’m hurt and lonely, i got hurt every time in my life.

Please make her understand and feel my love for her, my heart is crying for her, because my love is only there for her in this world.

Please lord jesus, hear my prayers.

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