Dear Jesus & Saint Jude,

by SP (Michigan, USA)

I need your help! I thank you for helping me to get this apartment! I am so deeply grateful to you both!

I am having major surgery in 9 days & I have a tremendous amount of work to do before the surgery. I also need a good pet sitter. My preference would be to have my cat come with me to stay at the Medical Rehab Facility.

Please Dear Jesus and Saint Jude,

Please give me the strength to
Accomplish all that I need to get done as soon as possible.

Please relieve me of all anxieties and please guide the hands of my surgeons. I know you will grant me a safe and a successful surgery and a successful recovery.

Please, also help me to find a Rehab place who will allow me to bring my cat with me while I am there, if it be your will Lord!!!

This I pray, in Jesus’ Holy Name! Amen!

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