Dear Jesus, Please hear me! I don’t want to give up

by Rld (Arlington, Texas)

Dear heavenly father, I have worked hard in odd jobs for so many years and even completed 7 challenging years through college to earn an MBA at the mature age of 50 while working full-time. Despite all the hard work and persistence, and after several years of praying for a better job/opportunity, I still hold on to my faith and believe that you will answer my prayers soon.

Please Dear Lord in heaven, I am starting to feel so tired, now at 55 years old I have some health problems and cannot afford health insurance. I really need enough income to be able to pay a huge student loan balance, house payments, and a high credit card debt. Having no income coming-in I can’t even keep up with the basics, such as food, utility bills, phone bill, car maint., house maint., gas for my car, auto insurance bill, etc.
All I have left is my faith and holding on to hope that one day soon you will poor wonderful blessings of prosperity upon me!
Please hear me Dear Jesus, Please hear me! I don’t want to give up, please…