Dear Jesus, I need Job immediately Thank you for caring me each and every day from my life

by Daisy (India)

My Father,

Thank you for caring me each and every day from my life.My Jesus you know how much I suffer in my life, totally I am tired of searching and finding matched jobs.But after resigning from my last job I got another but now they do not give any offer for that job.And I am rejected, within the last month I have got may offer but that is not matched with my needs.God, you know my situation, I have to repay my education loan, take care my parents family and others who need a helping hand, I want to be these all.This is my urgent need only you can open this door which I knocked now.

Oh, my Jesus beloved father tomorrow I am going to attend an interview please help me throughout the day and every day of my existence within this world.I don’t want to fail please help me to answer every question they will ask and will get correct output for machine test too.

Please hear my prayer