Dear Jesus answer my prayer request for a cosigner.

by Moses (Brownfield, TX, USA)

Dear Jesus, I am asking for you to please hear my prayer request and please do answer it. My mom is a strong single mother who is struggling right now. We have one car and we share it when I have to use it to go to school. I am a full time college student and I have to travel 40 miles out of town to attend my school. We recently went to go and try to get me a vehicle that I can use for school but they denied us because my mothers credit was not good enough.

Therefore, we need a someone to cosign for us but we can not find anyone who is willing to cosign for us. She pays everything on time and is never behind on any bills that she has. My parents divorced ruined her credit score. I am coming to you dear lord Jesus to please give us a solution and find someone who is willing to cosign for us. They will be lifting a great burden off of my chest and as well as my moms. Please provide for us and I know you have a plan for us. Thy will be done in your holy name Jesus, Amen!