Dear Heavenly Father, reconcile my marriage

by Selane (Oklahoma City OK)

Heavenly Father, I come to you with heavy heart. You know my husband and I have struggled for years and we fail to communicate, we hurt each other with angry words.

He is lost in pornography and influence of others against our marriage. I am angry because of the pornography and verbal and emotional abuse. I ask you to heal my heart and take away the anger and forgive me of my angry words that have hurt him so deeply. I ask you to come into his heart and heal him from his addiction and help him to find peace in his heart thru faith in you. He is so lost and sad, broken but such a good man. You know dear lord we have both made mistakes and hurt each other so deeply please help us both and guide us both back to each other forever.

Lord I do not want this divorce and I ask you to help myself and my husband to heal and communicate as you would have us so as to find the love we shared before. Help us both to trust in you and trust in each other. Forgive us of our sins and guide us toward reconciliation. He has forced me out of our home sold it and moved away, we are so far apart in so many ways and I pray dear lord for you to guide us back to each other and guide us in our love for each other. Remove the pain and the selfishness from our hearts. In the name of Jesus I pray.

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