Dear heavenly father, I come to you with a broken heart

by Tabitha (Kentucky)

Dear heavenly father, I come to you with a broken heart. Not just for myself but for my parents. They are broken and lost. They are falling apart. Their heart, soul, spirit, and marriage is shattered. They have lost each other. I am afraid their hatred, stubborness, and pride are not letting them forgive each other. They have lost touch with you lord. They need guidance for themselves independently and their marriage. Please help them find happiness again. Help them find peace, love, and understanding. Help them see the light in their darkness. Father, i ask that you heal their hearts, mind, spirit, and soul. Bless them. They feel like the world is crashing. They have lost their home, they are losing their marriage, and they are losing their fight. Give them the strength to move on, to forgive, and to love each other again. Please show them your love and that they are not forgotten.

I ask this in Jesus name,

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