Dear Heavenly Father, I come before you today with a pure heart

by Alice (Los Angeles, California)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before you today with a pure heart and the pain of confusion. I bring to you my pain and sorrow, as my husband is pulling away from me and our marriage.

I pray that you would place a barrier between him and other things that might enhance and support his confusion and decision to walk away from our life together.

I pray that you whisper to him at night that he is your child and how much you love him.

Create for him visions of us in a loving relationship, better and stronger than we could ever imagine.

Guide his heart to you first and then back to me. Letting him know that without you, we cannot flourish and remain in a healthy relationship.

Lord I prayer that you will cause a ray of sunlight in the midst of the raging storm.

Help me to allow the space and remain prayerful and diligent about fighting for my marriage in the right way….through prayer.

Give me strength to change my thoughts and to forgive the past with less and less remembrance of his unfaithfulness and betrayal. Help me health from thoughts of not being worthy; replacing those thoughts with the reality of being worthy of you dying on the cross for me.

Please reunite in us both the feeling of pure love and give us a trust and respect for one another that is unshakable.

Lead him back to me with a willingness to continue to work toward an even better marriage; coming up from the rubble of shame, hurt, pain, torment, betrayal and lack of trust…..and becoming stronger and more committed to each other for a lifetime.

Remove his hurt and pain and remove the veil from his eyes that closes him off from you. Help him to know that you are the Alpha and Omega…the Beginning and the End. Help him to know that you are the true and living GOD…..raised from the dead and that if we allow you to abide in us, we are healed and restored to new.

I love you Lord and know that you hear my voice when I cry out to you.

Help me in this time of need. I am suffering daily and making things work as I go. Allow me peace within and to know that I am not alone, as you walk with me daily.

Guide us back to the covenant that we made with you.


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