Dear, heavenly Father I am lost

by Micki (Florida)

Oh lord I am crying out to you. I stand here weak, alone ,scared, betrayed . I’m praying you can hear me please wrap your arms around my husband as you know has been having an affair and my children and I are devasted he has changed so much . he said tonight he is leaving me for her. You know lord I have tried to keep the peace and marriage together. I love my husband but he no longer loves me this is clear.please lord whatever your will is let it be. I will listen to you lord always. Please lift my depression. And make me stronger for my children’s sake . my daughter has puenomia bless help her recover quickly.and my son was diagnosed with ADHD and having problems in school. I tried meds. As you know lord and had bad reaction with him.I’m so weighed down with everything lord. Bless my children and husband and family lord. Amen

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