Dear god,Please help my little girl to learn.

by Oprah (Brooklyn)

Dear god,I come to you for help, please give me strength to continue to teach my little girl, there are time I feel like giving up, but I can’t, I know she needs me, father god in heaven please shower her with knowledge to b wise and smart; please lord, let her b courageous and strong,dear lord, I know that she is frustrated, because there’s so much that she wants to do, but Heavenly Father please show her a way and guide her throughout it, holding her hands every step of the way. Lord I feel that because I have failed you, that I am being forgotten: but I am your humble servant, and I need you now more than ever; I’ve always needed you in my life.

Please father god,please continue to give me strength to over come this trying time and difficult road ahead, that I may succeed in bringing up my little girl the right way and teach her about you and right from wrong. Dear father please come into her mind and lead her to righteousness,please always b with her and never leave her side. Father god please help and continue to bless my little girl, my family,and my home.Dear lord please also bless all the other parents in the world who are at wits with their children that they may be strong to get through with the grace of u and help them.Father god we need you, please, please help me. In Jesus’s name amen.

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