Dear God…I know you see my financial burdens

by Charlynn (Johnstown)

Dear God…I know you see my financial burdens. There is so much I need and want to do but I have no means to make it happen. Our rent needs paid and Bryce graduates very soon. You know all I want is to have the means to do what I need to do for him and Simone and for all my debts. I’m not asking for help with $ bc I want to buy things that aren’t necessary but I just want to lift the load on my shoulders. What would be a great help and start is occurring at this very moment. I don’t need to get into details bc you know what it is. So I just pray that when the time comes for me to check if this good start is indeed what I’m wishing for, so that I can began to exhale. Thank you Lord in advance for my financial blessing.