Dear God resort our relationship that we had for ten years Connie and Chichi

by Cornelia (Plk RSA)

Lord you are the kings of kings, please heal chinch’s heart. let him learn to forgive me for every mistake I made. Please Lord help to get married. Father I place my hands in yours. I forgive him for all the hurtfully words his said to me.. God I pray that Chichi learn to value our relationship Father. Strengthen our relationship so that chichi can see me a woman of his dreams. Father I don’t want to jump from one man to another and I also pray that he will not jump from women to women. Please change his character and mine. God please speak to Chichi reveal to him that I am the perfect woman he is looking for. God be in the center of our relationship, stop the devil from stealing our joy. God please stop all the fighting especially in front of the kids. Please Lord intervene in this situation that we facing. God you worthy to be praise and I am trusting in you. Father I have faith in you. God change our situation. Please God Let your be done in our lives. I know that there are no perfect men or women out there, please help us to realize each other`s worth. God I pray that Chichi accept me the way I am. Help God. Please help Chichi to learn how to control his anger and temper. Help me to be humbly. Please God I pray for wisdom on how to handle Chichi emotion. God I pray heal our relationship and cover it with the Blood of Jesus Chris our redeemer. AMen