Dear GOD please protect my mama as she travels from Nigeria TO America and protect her forever

by Jimi (Michigan Flint, America)

Dear Lord I come before you as a sinner and I beg of you to forgive my sins as I forgive others for what they have done against me.My mama will be travelling soon from Nigeria To America and I want you to help us keep her safe peaceful and happy and protect her and all her flights and drives she is the best mama in the world and my sisters and I are trully blessed to have her as our mother and we thank YOU for giving her to us she is a blessing in our lives and we are trully thankful and grateful father lord protect her as she travels and please make the complete journey stressless for her and peacefull safe and happy and protect her in the journey and forever too we have faith in you we always have and we always will.thank you Lord jesus for answering our prayers AMEN

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