Dear God. Please help me in my job search.

by Trempest Humphries (Singapore)

Dear God.

I have been hectically job-hunting and I’ve had some interviews but due to my youthful looks, despite having 20 years of experience in Information Technology with global exposure and possessing a diverse set of skills valuable to any organization, I am still not given the chance.

Some interviewers have also told me that I am currently doing what they did and that they are looking for someone doing what they are doing now. They were given chances so why can’t they pay it forward?

I am a very committed person and absolutely put my heart into my work and get the job done no matter what the odds. To date, I have never failed expectations of my superiors and often achieve results beyond expectations.

The stress is mounting and my health is deteriorating at the current workplace and I dread the work as its against my principles and practices in the organization is questionable.

Being the sole breadwinner of the family I tell myself daily that I must persevere and pull through and that something wonderful will come my way. Yet each day I meet with more disappointment and stress.

I do not wish for my wife to re-join the workforce because my priorities lie with my children and family. I would like my wife to be around the two kids as they grow up. I know how tough it is growing up without both parents around to teach and convey life’s knowledge and experiences to be someone worthy of God.

My chances have passed and I do not seek ambitious paths. I would like to have a well-paying job that would be able to sustain my family and that my kids will grow up with a good education and living life responsibly, worthy of God.

Should I die before my wish is fullfilled I pray that God watches over my family since I will not be able to.

Bless me Father in my search. I dont know how much more I can take.

Your son, Trempest Humphries, Singapore.


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