Dear God, please give my wife the desire to learn more

by Israel (Columbia, SC)

Dear God, I come to you as a man who has fallen short in my marriage. We have only been married 3 months, but I have put my wife through enough for her to want to end our marriage. I ask you Dear God to take away the impulsive behavior and anxiety that has put a tremendous strain on my relationship with my wife and friend. I ask you to show my wife that I am willing to do whatever it takes to be the best husband and friend possible. Please Dear God, take away the doubt in her heart and mind that tells her things won’t change. Please Lord God, help her to see that my love for You God, first and foremost, and my love for her will not allow me to fail. Please God, open up her daughters heart enough to see the love I have for her mother and the pain I feel for how I’ve reacted to stresses in my life. Lord God, give me the strength to continue on the path I’m on that I drifted away from.

Allow for my wife to see that you work through people and your putting her in my life has saved my life and set me back in the right direction. Thank you God for her and the role she has played in my healing. Please allow my wife to open up her heart enough to see that we have won because this is a marriage blessed by you and, although things are rough right now, you dear God and the fear of losing my marriage have delivered me from my anxious and impulsive ways.

Finally Dear God, please give my wife the desire to learn more about me and why I have acted as I have and let her know that she is strong in the areas I fall short in. That is why I believe she was built for me by you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

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