Dear God, please enter and help me in my current relationship with Charmaine.


Dear God, please enter and help me in my current relationship WITH Charmaine. Please take away all the pain and hurt in our hearts. Fill our hearts with love, joy, patience, and understanding for each other. Bless me and Charmaine, so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way. Fill Charmaines and my hearts with love for each other, and may you make each see, appreciate and honor each other’s worth. Please touch Charmaines heart, make it overflow perpetually with so much love for me that he always chooses me first. Please God make me and Charmaine’s complicated relationship uncomplicated. We seek your mercy and blessings and miracles that you may allow me and Charmaine to spend the rest of our lives with each other in happiness, joy, fulfillment, light and grace. Please God make both Charmaine and I break down all the walls we have built up around our hearts in our relationship. If for no one else, give Charmaine and me the trust and inner peace within our relationship to open up and give unbounded to each other. Please God immerse Charmaine and me in divine, beautiful, romantic, and fully immersed love for one another that we may never forsake each other in any way ever again, Please God renew Charmaine’s and my spirits in the relationship, so that we may give to each other with hesitation and invest our 100% in each other and making our relationship beautiful each and every day from this second forward. Please make these feelings of love and commitment to each mutual for both Charmaine and me. Let now our lives or others guide Charmaine or me into temptations that will compromise the integrity and peace and commitment of our relationship. Guide Charmaine and me wherever we go but always ensure that our journey is shared with the other. Please protect Charmaine and me from all evil that may seek to destroy our relationship, give us both the fortitude and desire for one another to always fend off any forces seeking to tear our union apart. Please God always put Charmaine and me in each other’s heart and mind and spirit. Connect Charmaine and me spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally all day each and every day, may we only choose that which serves each other. And through that service to each other may a union and romantic bonding happen between Charmaine and me that helps us more fully serve you and the world around as united us. Thank you Lord for granting this request. I love You. I love Charmaine, and it is time for us to mend the brokenness in our relationship and commit to a new beautiful life with each other. Thank you! Amen.