Dear God please change my current situation

by Prayers Admin ()

I’m praying this prayer to worship your mighty name because your my only God, I see you as my Best friend, savior and my father. You have blessed me so many times even times I’m not aware off. I’m grateful to have you by my side even though I have turned my back on you and hurt you, you never leave my side lord, your precious to me and very important I could not Ask for something better than you! You give me rest When I’m restless and hear my prayers, As your daughter I wanna be a hard working student that works as if I’m working for you! You know my stuggles lord I got distracted I sinned I became depressed and anxious, Lord please save me from my failure please show me your grace and mercy, by changing my grades these two semesters, I know your aware of how my grades look now, I pray that if you want you and If it’s okay to change my current grades to A’s. Yes, lord I want A in all my courses therefor I submit these courses english 5 (Linda), spanish 3(Cecilia), Swedish as other language (Mariam), Chemistry 1(Gunnar), Math 1c (Gunnar), Math 2c (Gunnar, Physcial Education (Serguei), physics (Jan), I pray for all my teachers health and to be blessed in your name, I pray you Will make them wanna give me good grades please mighty God change my grades to good straight A’s father, I’m sorry I know many people are Striviving for this and I’m not doing this because I’m Selfish, I really need you to work in the education part of my life Lord! Because these grades are the way to get into the Medical Field in university I need to go to become the doctor you planned me too be, Lord I know you have good plans for me, I know you want to see me get the things I need! I promise to breath every breath for you, Live for you and worship you every single day!! I wanna end this prayer with thanking and gratefullnes of How Great of a God you are my Lord! I give praise your name almighty knowing God!

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