Dear God, my struggles with money are bringing me down

by Randy (Arizona)

Dear God, my struggles with money are bringing me down. I am in dire need for myself and my family. I know that You have all answers, and You always hear me. You know how we got here, that the financial crisis of 2007 caused our problems. Please bless us so we don’t lose our home. Please shine your infinite light into my life, Bless me with abundance so that my family may thrive.

I thank You for all You have done for me to date, and I pray You will always remind me when I forget That my spirit and soul always dwell in Your good graces. Thank You oh Lord, for blessing me with material comfort So that I am reminded of the bountiful fruits of Your deeds. Thank you, Jesus that you bless us even though we don’t deserve it. Praise the Name of Jesus, I plead Your precious Blood over this problem, knowing that nothing is impossible with You. We thank You in advance for an answer to prayer, in Christ’s Name I pray, Amen.

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