Dear God I pray for direction and the courage to follow through

Pray for me to find a direction to follow. My heart has lost the affection, the love for my husband of many long years. Our children are now in college and I casually mentioned the big “D”. My husband says he loves me, but I don’t feel it. My thoughts of going to end my marriage is taunting me daily. This feeling of separation has been simmering for some years now, but more so gotten worst in the last two years. The guilt of leaving him has stopped me but I am feeling heavy in my heart.

I don’t feel the warmth around him nor I want to be around him. Please dear God, as always I pray you will guide me clearly God and I will follow. I will forever be a supportive friend to him God, no matter what. But I feel that I can’t be married to him anymore help me to repair my love for him if thats what I need to do. Or help me to have my freedom with enough strength and courage to go on living. A personal dilemma that I need to resolve dear God. Grant me peace in my heart.