Dear God i have financial problems

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Dear god i have finacial problems please help me get through them also help me get a good job to provide for my family please help my husband on job searches also I appreciate everything u have given to us in these past years i have faith and believe that you are going to help us get through our problems I won’t give up in life I will proceed in praising your named in jesus named AMEN

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  1. dear god please help me.

    dear god please help me. i have a big financial problem. until now i can’t overcome from this problem.what should i do. please,please help me.

  2. govt job for huge money

    I am fall in a financial problem…..
    Becose no responce from indian govt for a job to solve my problem…
    I apply many govt job ….but no good result fo me…..
    Huge number of responcibelity on my mind

  3. Please help me

    This is Rajiv God you know me im in financial problems u know what u do from Mei have only two ways either die r ilegal thing’s but in these I have no courage to do illegall things so I’m committed sucide on Sunday 10after prayer I will commite sucide so please help my family

  4. i need government job

    pls help me god
    i need government job and and money. now am financial very very bad. how to move next day financial. my mom also very poor. so pls pls pls god i need government job… pls solve my money problem.. pls pray for me pls god………………..
    i love u god…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  5. help me

    Pls god help me……….I m m loosing my confidence god give sum energy pls god I have so much of comments people r killing me. Pls god help me. I want 6 laks Rs pls help me.i love you god pls kana I don’t have father u oly helping me pls god. All Ln r irritating me. Plsssssssssssssssssssss it’s my humble request for u god pls help me…….

  6. Need god

    I Need you in my life God my husband an I are going through some tough times we have so much bills to pay we owe people money an they need it now an we don’t have it I also need a job please God u said ask believing an it will be given unto us I believe father please help us amen

  7. iam very problem in finacial

    My name raghunandan iam loss my bussiness upto 30 lakhs please help me iwant sossite ihav small childerns please help me my position very bad please mantras

  8. financial problem

    dear god again introduced myself my name is srikantamurthy c m. i am stay in indian country. karantaka state, mysore district, nanjangud taluk, chamalapurada hundi
    boss already i told my problem for u boss. some bit u help mebut no use. u again forgetted me boss. y boss any wrong for my side boss, boss please boss please understand my problems and help me god. again i loss money i want money 5 to 8 lakhs my dear god please give me within todays i need urgent plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz.
    u know boss this is my third request for u and last request also. u will did not help me means i am not live. i have loss in every where and everybody is raging me. please u solve this all problems my dear god please. then u know my father also financial problem u save and help to money problem my father and me also god. my father was very good person y given problem for him. please father plase help me and my father also. from morning onwards i am full luaging my dear god. i have loss my money in cricket bedding more. now i am in difficult situation please solve my dear dearest god please save me i believe u only. please give winning power guessing power for me from today onwards or now onwards. k boss i believed and i will move my steps on now onwards please support be. bye dont forget

  9. please god help ma and the ones in need!

    Dear God, i am lost i always thought if i help out in times of need ill have some one that would help me, ive been there for my family all my life emmotionally and financially and now they both have new cars and a house and i have nothing i dont even have enough money to go out and find my self a job, im behind on my rent and my bills because of my acciedent i can not work properly please guide me to the right path what have i done to deserve this life style ive always help everyone around me live a better life ive always help help and help people with everything that was in my power, why am I not even recieving 1 percent of what ive done for others please help me get through this hard time i cant take it anymore i done want to live im tired i have no hope and am very depressed i cant stop crying please god show me some sign of what i should do next, i beg of you please help me move on get a job and build a life of my own i am not the type to depend on people ive always been on my own please help me , help me get back on the right path of life please bless me with your goodness please help me please god im begging you for your help and guidence, i love and respect you and want nothing but your blessing in my life, i will always be thinking of you not only the times of need but always please help me get back on my feet …

  10. Please help me

    Dear god
    I am helpless now please help me and finish my problem your my father please help me and relive me from my all kind of problems I need your immediate kind god help me otherwise I’ll die help me Jesus…

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