Dear God, I come to you with such pain in my heart

Dear God, I come to you with such pain in my heart, such a heaviness, and I feeling of lack of worthiness..i have been in a very toxic relationship for the past almost 3 years…and in these three years, I gave nothing more love, affection, and time to her, but I was always such a bad man to her, father she has gotten me to believe I am no good, and I will feel like I can never be good. She stops me from seeing my kid, she loves to play mind games with me, and play with my heart. She lies to me, and yes some things I did not act the way I shouldn’t the way she would handle it afterward was the worst. Father we have a kid together, our blessing, your gift to us. Please take this pain from my heart and me allow me to move on to greater things in the world, father may you please deliver me my wife from heaven so that I may build and grow with her, father please let the next girl be the one you choose for me to marry. Father you have seen everything in my life that i have done and said, please forgive me of all my sins my lord, and may reach down in the mother of my childs heart and bless her in ways she never thought imagined, father if she has pain, may you take the pain away from her and heal her, and help her move on to a man that can cope with her style of living a little better…please help me Jesus, I have nothing left to give and feel so dead on the inside..please help my situation financially as well my lord, I do not know how I’m gonna make the money I need to, Father please take away all these stresses and help me lead a life more built around you, father I would love to be with the woman I had a kid with…..please..please..plesse change her…amen. I love you dad, please help me to keep building our relationship, great talking with you again pops, I appreciate you being her for me as always..

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