Dear God I bring to you my job situation

by Ester (Switzerland)

Dear God I bring to you my job situation, May You bless me with a job that suits me and my education, I graduated my masters 8 years ago, since then i didn’t manage to get a job which suits my carrier goal, I have been used and abused in the three temporary jobs i got, I was told that I” not smart enough, not inteligent enough and I kept on my faith I believe God took me to all these places for good reasons,npeople came after me and raise up before me, may the Lord give me my job, a job which will be mine a job where I will be appreciated and develop, I have applied to several post may Holy spirt take a lead and that I may get a suitsble job of my dream. May Lord bless me with this job and surprise me before this year end. I pray that the Lord to continue to give me strength and have faith on him, I pray for my mothers job may her find a job too. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

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