Dear God, help me with a job.

by Suman (Kolkata,India)

I lost my job.Dear God help me get a job, for me & my family. I have tried everything possible, but still jobless.I have the knowledge & experience you have given me, but then why I am not getting a job? I know you are testing me, but dear lord my family has not done any mistakes.

Please help me come out of this situation, so that I can look after my family.
I have never forget you, so please forgive any mistakes done by me & help.

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  1. Faith

    Symantec good morning I pray for you this morning
    The Lord is not punishing you
    Testing your faith yes the right job will come
    Sometimes you get the job you think is right
    Which you may. Lose but leads to something
    Else I pray that Anxiety be lifted from you
    As I know what you are going through
    As anxiety I have and pray that it be lifted
    From me and I go sieze the day with Jesus
    As my partner

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