Dear God, Anything is Possible through You

by Anne (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Dearly Heavenly Father, It’s me Anne.. before i begin, i just want to start off by letting You know how greatful and thankful I am for everything, and Thank You for not giving up on me. I beg for Your Forgiveness and i pray that You Give me strength to pull through the struggles that my partner and i are in right now. i know that this is the mess that we got ourselvse into, the reason why we’re financially unstabled right now, but we have no one else to turn to but You Lord. We are living off mine and our babys benefit money, and because of the economy these days, it has been very difficult for my partner to find a job. Please God, i beg of You, to have mercy on us and to help us through this tough time. God, i Love You No Matter what. Thank You once again God for everything. Through Jesus Name I Pray, Amen

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