Dear God and all his angels

by Lisa ()

Please God and all his angels help Marcus get released from jail Thursday May 9th 2019. He has had his awakening and I know he is going to change his life around if given the chance. I have helped him find God and start praying and I know if given the chance I can help keep my boyfriend Marcus M. Stay out of and far away from any wrong doing and keep him out of jail for the rest of his life. Please give us this chance to be together and do good together. Please allow me this chance to help him become the better man I know he wants to be and I know and you know he can be. Please God send your angels to the court room tomorrow with Marcus, and please let them realize there’s not enough evidence to hold him any longer. Please God send Marcus back to me so we can live together in peace with love and harmony. This is so hard on both of us. You gave him to me and I thank you for that. Then you took him away, we learned our lessons and have paid for our sins by just being apart these long past months. God please bring Marcus home to me tomorrow and guide the judge to set him free and the DA to drop the case and the public defender to actually care and defend him during the preliminary hearing tomorrow and set me and Marcus free. Give us another chance. Marcus has always paid his time and never been given any real break. All we ask is just this once send us a miracle and set Marcus free tomorrow please. In Your sons name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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