Dear Father, Please help my husband

by Suzanne (Temple, Tx)

Dear Father,

Please help my husband and I accept our imperfections and guide us with your hands of healing. Your son forgave the world for their sins, understanding that people sometimes “Know not what they do.” Please help open my mine and my husband’s eyes to all my joyous works and deeds, and his heart to receive the love I have for him and his two beautiful girls. He has turned away from me, telling me he no longer loves me and wishes to leave me. We are both struggling with our own unique issues from relationships past and need your help. Please place your healing hands on both our hearts and help us regain our trust and love in order to live and honor your forgiveness and sacrifice. Marriage is but one of your holy sacraments. I troubles me deeply that he does not feel loved and cherished as he should be and is. Divorce is manmade and rooted in satan’s evil. It has fractured the moral fiber of society. I ask this prayer most solemnly in the name of God. Amen.

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