Daughters home

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Please bring my daughter and granddaughter back to CA to live and guide my daughter back to church. allow her ex to realize my daughter is struggling and needs her family. heal their relationship so they can come together with a plan so it’s best for both of them and my granddaughter. allow my son-in law to realize a daughter needs her mom and to not fight my daughter on her choice to come home and to bring the baby with her. Bless our family so we can come together and be a family. bless us financially. Forgive my daughter and please place Christ back into her heart so she can make healthy choices. guide me as a mom, protect my family. I am in fear and sadness and need to trust in you GOD. I am giving this to you. You know what my concerns are and what I wish for. You know what is in my heart. You know my dreams and my powerlessness. Please help both my daughters. Help my oldest to find her way back to happiness and joy. Remove her anxiety and give her the desire to find a job and keep a job. To do something she loves. clear her mind and giver her hope. I’m lifting my daughters up to you. you know God , you know . Protect me, my family, my husband, my mother in-law and my marriage. my sons and step children and my 8 grandchildren. Thank you God Thank you for all you do. I am so grateful and thankful.

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