Daughter gone astray prayer

by Tera (Texas)

I need prayers for my daughter she has gone astray…one day she had everything going for her she was happy fun loving person and the next day she changed…she was going to college, getting married, had a nice home,new car…and she begin to change she started texting alot,leaving home alone,stopped caring about herself and was rude to her fiance’ and me her mother…she had a complete personality change…she started skipping her classes, broke her engagement, and just left…now we don’t know where she is, she doesn’t have a job,she just goes from place to place…she has left her fiance’ with everything just took some clothes…we are all heartbroken…she has turned our lives upside down with worry…she refuses to talk and says when she does if we start asking questons she will stop all contact all together…she committed herself to a behavorial clinic and the did a evaluation and there is no drug abuse or alcohol involved but she is constantly lying about everything and she is just a very angry and unhappy and depressed person now…i just wish whatever made this happen could leave and find my daughter and bring her back to us…please pray for her…and i am so afraid that she will turn to drugs and alcohol for her depression she was given a prescription for depression but it has never changed her problem…we really need prayers…thank you

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  1. Pls pray for my daughter...

    I am going thru a similar case with my daughter. Please pray for her. She locks her room and spend hours and hours on the computer playing online games. She quit school and does not really show interest in developing herself. I worry as to what kind of future she is going to have. She doesn’t attend Church anymore and doesn’t show up on family gatherings. Please pray for me that I may persevere in prayer. Thanks and Gid Bless

  2. Prayer

    I am praying that your family finds the answers you need to make it thru this. I pray that your daughter find the path she needs to help her with her struggles. God see her threw. In the name of Jesus. Amen

  3. God answers prayers

    My daughter has done the same thing she had everything one day and nothing the next. Unfortunately she has found friends from the worst crowd. She has lost her faith and is always staying at different places. I have faith that god will find her and help her its hard but all we can do is pray. God will find them both and help them I will pray for your family.

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