Darwinian Evolution is FALSIFIED.

by Jo ()

I’m type one Diabetic taking insulin via injections when one day I was looking at the packaging…and I saw the elephant in the room no one is seeing…

1. STERILE printed on an UNOPENED HYPODERMIC NEEDLE is WORLD WIDE MEDICALLY RECOGNIZED SCIENTIFIC FACT that LIFE DOES NOT COME FROM NON-LIFE. Would you allow someone to give you an injection if you KNEW they’d use a DIRTY NEEDLE? Absolutely NOT! 😆 We KNOW this deep inside. Louis Pasteur PROVED that the same year Darwin published Origin, 1859. Pasteur FALSIFIED DARWINIAN EVOLUTION. Google the FULL TITLE of Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, OR the PRESERVATION of FAVOURED RACES in the STRUGGLE for LIFE”. This book is so RACIST! WHY did we let that be taught?
2. The same concept STERILE is true for CANNED GOODS. The can MUST SEAL BEFORE it is STERILIZED and therefore SAFE to store at room temperature. If the can does NOT SEAL, the food inside MUST be REFRIGERATED or EATEN very quickly. Canned goods are SOLD by the MILLIONS in MILLIONS of STORES WORLDWIDE and in KITCHENS EVERYWHERE. It’s one reason we don’t have to STARVE today. What’s your favorite? Salsa, soup, string beans, sesame oil, Sprite, or Seagram’s? Think about it… That is WHY Ray Comfort jokes on the EVOLUTION of the coca cola canned drink. It’s STERILIZED. And so are ALL the other brands of canned drinks AVAILABLE INCLUDING alcohol. Please check out LivingWaters.com, NeedGod.com, and/or FullyFreeFilms.com. Please USE the Ten Commandments to show someone WHY we are SINNERS in NEED of the SAVIOR… “This dude is amazing at making the person feel comfortable enough with him to talk about things that are uncomfortable to them, truly a God-given gift.” C.C. (copied from website.). LivingWaters.com NeedGod.com FullyFreeFilms.com “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” and “True and False Conversions” and “Are You a Good Person?”

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