Complete Healing

Lord, please heal my mother. Help her to accept this bone marrow transaplant. Lord please heal her lungs so she is able to come off the ventilator and once again proclaim Your name! We cannot wait to give the testimony of what YOU do. You heal, You cure and You provide. Please Lord, banish all … Continue reading “Complete Healing”

Help me heal

Dear lord please heal me of this disease. I have a very bad throat infection and I know you can see that Lord. I also dont have medical insurance and you are my only hope in this life. I pray to you Lord that you heal me from my sickness. I want to serve you … Continue reading “Help me heal”

Prayer for New job

St. Joseph I come before you to ask you please let me get this new job that I have been interviewing for the past two months at. Our small family had gone down to one income to support three people and I need a job with financial stability to provide for my wife and toddler. … Continue reading “Prayer for New job”

Prayer for employment

Dear Lord, I beg you to please intervene in my quest to be employed by an airline here in Lagos. I beg of you Father to please influence the management of the airline to decide in my favor as quickly as possible. I have been promised a position in the airline, please Lord may it … Continue reading “Prayer for employment”

Son in need of Prayer

(Florida) Please pray for my son to find a personal and financially fulfilling job. He is a wonderful son, working towards his second degree. He is trying very hard. Right now he’s very discouraged and unhappy at his present job. Please pray for his success in his job seeking and degree seeking endeavors. Lord, please … Continue reading “Son in need of Prayer”

Only you can heal

Father God I come to you for your help . I would like to first thank you for keeping your hands on me and keeping me sane . In the name of Jesus . I ask of you to take away all this stress that’s been placed upon me. I know I’ve sinned and Ive … Continue reading “Only you can heal”

Prayer for my financial hardship

St. Jude, please help me in my ardent need. My husband spent all our money and now took over and blocked me from my only source of income. Please look after me and please bless me a miracle to be able to overcome my present financial situation. Thank you, St. Jude. Amen

Lord heal my body

Dear lord heal my body, I recently had knee surgery now my other knee is bothering me. I thought my suffering would be over after surgery Ive had two surgeries in the past 5 months {female problems}. I have been suffering with my knees for four years and I am tired Lord give me the … Continue reading “Lord heal my body”

Protection for me and my grandchildren

Please pray for protection for me and my 2 small grandchildren whose lives have been placed in my care. Bind anyone who tries to harm me and remove these babies from their loving home with me their protector. In JESUS name !!!

Prayer for love

I have met a wonderful man and we began to get to know one another over a few months. I could see his good qualities & fell in love with him. He has now started to retreat. I want him in my life so very much. I’ve met so many men but never married” he … Continue reading “Prayer for love”

prayer for pet healing.

I have a dog who has been my good friend for almost 11 years. He was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Please pray that God will help him. And ask that He help me in giving him his injections twice a day. I get so nervous and anxious giving them it seems terrifying to me at … Continue reading “prayer for pet healing.”

Heal my body

Lord I been sick from my stomach since 2005 n present. No doctor could find the problem with my stomach n the pain I’m having. I have intestinal problem n abdominal pain n pelvic pain, they don’t understand why I’m alway conspated n sometime diarrhea. I only eat once a day because of the pain. … Continue reading “Heal my body”

Save my marriage

Lord I need you and a miracle to save my marriage. My husband said that he has no feelings for me, he found someone else, we still live together. He said that it does not matter that he is hurting me, I’m suffering from cancer. I pray that he has a change of heart and … Continue reading “Save my marriage”

pray for loved one

Dear Heavenly Father, In Jesus name I pray that you please reach down and touch my loved one now. Please deliver him from anything harming his body. Please hold his hand Jesus and give him strength to get through this terrible withdrawel stage, and let him never pick up drugs or alcohol again. Also I … Continue reading “pray for loved one”

Prayer for hope

Prayer need for Dennis that the trust and faith he has in you is not lost. That you guide him and help him get thru the difficult time he has faced and continues to face. Pray for strength and encouragement so that he can grow stronger in faith and in God. Lord please bless him … Continue reading “Prayer for hope”

Praying for a new job

Please pray for me. I am so miserable at my job. I am beyond stressed. My hours were cut to 3 days however i still have the workload of 5 days. I am afraid to leave it because I fear I won’t find another job. I am so anxiety ridden that it is now adversely … Continue reading “Praying for a new job”

Broken friendship

I ask for prayers for a miracle from our father, through his son Jesus for the restoration of my friendship with my best friend. My life feels as though a piece is missing. I would like to rebuild this friendship with Gods grace and strength. I am asking, please heal what is broken, strengthen what … Continue reading “Broken friendship”


Dear Jesus…you are new to me, but have become my best friend. I have found a faith love and understanding. That before, those words were a mith to me. I’m not great at words or prayers. But everyday…I’m learning. I am truly proud of my new found faith. I promise to keep learning about you. … Continue reading “learning”

Seek God’s approval

I pray that Brent and I will reconcile. I seek for God’s approval in this relationship. I pray we will overcome our doubts and differences. I pray for his spiritual growth and that he understands the real meaning of salvation. I pray for God’s guidance and wisdom in our relationship. I pray that our hearts … Continue reading “Seek God’s approval”

Prayer to sell our home

Please lord sell our home so that our young children will no longer be disrupted and can go back to being kids and reLaxing in our home. Please allow our home to sell for a price that allows our family to comfortably and without stress allow to build our new home. May our home sell … Continue reading “Prayer to sell our home”

Peace and Protection

As a kid, i was verbally and physically abused and sexually molested by someone who was supposed to protect me from that. I nearly lost half of a hand in an accident at work and now i have co-workers harassing and threatening me. I have never felt as hopeless about things, ever, as i have … Continue reading “Peace and Protection”

Ready to love again

Heavenly father, you have been by my side and you have seen all that I have suffered and felt – you have been my rock, my shelter and my comfort in my time of need. I ask you now, please help me find the right man that loves me unconditionally and the one to be … Continue reading “Ready to love again”

For my Family

I ask for strength to carry on for my family, my children, they are my heart and I just want to be able to care for them to the best, greatest of my ability. I need help with my finances to pay my bills and provide a comfortable life for my children, not in the … Continue reading “For my Family”

i need God

I’m fighting with major depression disorder,anxiety and an eating disorder.I ask that God helps me to deal with my weight issues way,to calm my spirit and to uplift me to no longer have depression or anxiety.let him bless my husband who is supporting me through this,my children that I know are hurt by this and … Continue reading “i need God”

Make it better

Help me overcome the trauma I have faced and get back the belief in myself that I have lost. I am thankful for the extra work I have been offered but fear I may die of exhaustion if I continue to work these hours seven days a week. Please help me find a better paid … Continue reading “Make it better”

I love you I’m lost I’m afraid

I love you I’m lost I’m afraid im not sure Jesus god wrap your arms around me can you hug me love me tell me it will be okay. I love you guys amen Danielle thank you always forever amen

Miracle conception

The Fertility Blessing You know my deep desire for a child A little one to love and to hold, to care for, to cherish. Grant that my body may conceive and give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby in Your holy image. Guide me in all my choices so that this conception, my pregnancy and … Continue reading “Miracle conception”

Financial Problem

Please pray for me about my financial problem that even this week we do not have money to buy even our foods and my debts are over. Please help me to pray that our house will sold this month so that we can transfer to another place and pay my debts. I will wisely used … Continue reading “Financial Problem”

peace of mind

Dear father I pray for peace of mind, release from stress and worry, my days mind and life are consumed by worry and sadness. I am thankful dear lord for every beautiful thing you have brought in my life, my heart and soul are sick and need release from constant worry, I am physically and … Continue reading “peace of mind”

Pain and fear

Father, i really confused, has never been a person who comes to you for help, you leave it alone, please, giving a miracle for me, the man who took my virginity would be responsible, don’t escape, don’t insult me, don’t rejoice over destruction me and would keep his promise to me and my parents too, … Continue reading “Pain and fear”

To meet my soul mate

Dear God. I prey that you will assist me to find a partner who I can love and cherish and who will love and cherish me. Someone who will enhance my life in a positive way and share my life with me. Having had several failed relationships I feel very sad and lonely a lot … Continue reading “To meet my soul mate”

Prayer for protection from troubles

I am requesting prayer for me and my family. I’m a sinners and seek for God’s forgiveness. May God always protect us. Be our shield from the attacked of the bad spirit.

Protect us from evil, Lord

Dear lord i ask you too help my six children and me that we will we will have goog understanding and help us to servised protect us from trouble. especially protect us from evil.

Help me Lord

Father, in the name of Jesus, I come to you asking for your help with my body and brain. As you know I had a stroke and brain anyerisum last year. and ???I still need help with walking and especially using my left arm. I’m asking You to please heal me. Thank you and in … Continue reading “Help me Lord”

Restoration of relationship

I am praying for God to restore my relationship of almost 8 years. He left me for a younger women and my heart is completely broken. I am praying that God restores this relationship soon if it is his will. please pray that I can peace and joy through this process.

Bless Us All

Dear God, I pray that all of us looking for a job find one that suits us spiritually. May we find one that helps serve you and your children and makes us happy to go to work. Sometimes coworkers are unkind and the public hard to deal with but if we are where we are … Continue reading “Bless Us All”

Prayer for healing

Please pray for a miracle in my HIV status, I tested my self in the morning today and the result came out postive. Please pray for me that this result changes to negative I have seen alot of testimonies on this site for people who are being healed. May the lord also hear my prayer … Continue reading “Prayer for healing”

Pray for my marriage

I pray that God will restore my marriage. I confess my sins to you Lord, I know I done wrong and I am truly remorseful. I ask that you forgive first and foremost. Then Lord would you touch wife’s heart and mind to forgive me. I believe we get through this I will be so … Continue reading “Pray for my marriage”

Heal me Lord

Pagalingin mo po ako Panginoon ko kung ano mang mga sakit ang dumadaloy sa pangagatawan ko ngayon. Alam ko sa pamamagitan ng dasal kong ito ay gagaling po ako upang matagal ko pa po makasama ang mga anak ko at pamilya ko. Iligtas nyo po kami sa lahat ng sakit, ako at ang mga anak … Continue reading “Heal me Lord”

Help me heal

Dear lord, I have turned to you I’m ashamed to say as my last hope. You should have been my first. I realise that now and I am truly desperate to heal from this pain I am suffering. Please help me to get better. So I can look after my new baby. So I can … Continue reading “Help me heal”

The Love of God

Father God, I stand in awe of Your love for me. You loved me before I even knew You! Sometimes you are the ONLY one who can love the unworthy person that I am and have been! All I can do is worship at Your feet and thank You for Your Matchless Gift of redemption, … Continue reading “The Love of God”

Lord please keep my son and family safe

Lord put your shield around each and everyone of my family members. My son made bad dicision, that we all are paying for. Only you can fix it. Thank You father

Prayer for health

Dear St Jude you have done so much for me, I thank you so much, but I still have thyroid and panic attacks and its making my world a disaster. I don’t know what to do anymore, i hope you can help me with this journey and create a miracle that soon enough it will … Continue reading “Prayer for health”