Daily Prayer For Salvation

by Annonymous (United States)


I pray for your mercy upon me a sinner and those that sin against you. From our mothers wombs we were created in sin, and it is through your holiness that we can be formed into the persons we were intended to be.

I pray for your grace in our ignorance of continuing in our own way so that you may be glorified in your justice.

I pray for your strength and protection because I am weak and exposed to the things of this world.

I pray for your love and compassion so that I may learn what true love and compassion is, and not my understandings of these things.

I pray for your guidance and not my own guidance so that I may be lead to the proper place I was intended.

Most of all I pray for every person and soul that does not pray so that they may learn to pray and come into the knowledge of your love, be converted, and become as you have intended them to be.

May all these things come to pass with your blessing, so that we may again be in the glory of god and his angels establishing peace and love towards one another while we sing “Holy, Holy, Holy is the lord God Almighty”.

I pray you accept this humble prayer, and my thanks for being greater than I am in all avenues, and aspects.

With love for all of creation, I pray and in honor to the Mother of Angels, to the Son of Glory, The Father of All Creation and the Spirit of Life.


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