Daily nuisances, health, debt recovery, job, mother well-being, son well-being.

by Kannabeeran ()

I live near Chennai, South India. I kindly request prayer for removal of bad elements who are always after me, debt recovery, health, and finance difficulties.

I recently relocated to a new place listening to my wife. She promised to take full care and said to me to concentrate on job issues when we moved in some years back.

She never kept her words. Since she was a insecure, sensitive and not at all open since a decade of marriage, I felt disgusted. But since I had listened to her in many issues to coming here, decided to be patient.
I brought my mother to live with me. But she didn’t give good attention to my old mother. My mother decided to stay with my other siblings
After that my wife had anonymously spoilt my name in the surroundings. She uses my reply to her questions to fool others near our house that it is my arrogance and caused severe health problems since last year.

Whenever I try to inform my well wishers the above and other house topics and try to discuss as due to the pandemic the job scarcity was there, many illiterate and political, low-level people come in my way when I travel outside trying to threaten and stop me from open discussion with my siblings.

The wife’s relatives are cheap crooks who already spoiled my laptop by robbing good parts with cheap ones.

I never trust them. They have already caused confusion among my blood relatives about my daily work, that the delay I did in not reporting to them about my wife and her relatives crook activities, immediately, has resulted in even son being spoilt by wife to check on me nowadays and I am asked to adjust in the family.

I prayed for decades to my religious gods. But it didn’t save my studies, job career and.now a selfish wife.

Please pray for me and my son. Kindly pray for us.

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