Dad fucked my life

by Ilgvars ()

I have worked for 2 years and for the earned money i gave to my fathers car who said it would be mine… he did nothing because he is lazy as fuck… he doesnt appreciate what i’ve done for him, i do everything at the house man, only one who supports me is my mother who is ir really big debt… dad just sits his lazy fat ass and jerks off by his computer and eats… doesnt even clean his room up… calls himself a certified welder, mechanic…. does nothing to car that sits 3 years in the garage and says, oh its only so little to do to it… i have tried to fix it… all the time i do everything… if i wasnt home… my mom would be crushed… but my dad would never change… he never went to army because of me and my brothers birth.. he never felt the discipline he had to deserve… just yesterday he came to me, ” son, can you please bring firewood inside” (we have a private property so)… basically i have done everything to keep my family warm, fed and look good… fuckin dad just makes it all look like nothing… i am the one that does everything just so he can take the credit for all the things i’ve done… i recently read a quote from J.Cole “it always rains the hardest on people who deserve the sun” it hit me like crazy… i have been in a rainstorm for years and my sunshine has always been my mother, who wants to give me the world but is in debt… dad doesnt give a fuck… he never gave a fuck to my mother for 20+ years…. my moms life is fucked because of dad… i am so angry at him for this…. he deserves to be punished… i dont believe in god… i believe in rich people who had been thru hard shit… so J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar… you are the hardest guys i have ever noticed… please help me out… i want to help my mom and give her the world and take her to sea… i want my dad to realise what my mom has raised… i am telling my dad what to do, not him telling me… my mom raised me a legend…. dad makes me look like an asshair… So please, anyone who reads this get this message to people who understands and is ready to support me…. Regards… @instagram @ildziss

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