Custody/placement of baby girl

by Heather (Milwaukee, Wi USA)

Jesus I need you. I know I have sinned, but never with my baby girl. I’d give my life for her or anything asked of me. Her father left her. He didn’t care until he was made to support her. She is a miracle from God and I know she was sent to me for a purpose.

I want to find that purpose. Her father is fighting as well as his family for reasons not for her. He is winning simply because I’m fighting back to save her. His fight isn’t about love for her, it’s to hurt me. Let him hurt me and leave my baby alone. She’s suffered over a year. Help the legal persons deciding my daughters life see the truth of this man. Let him keep his money and find happiness elsewhere. I’m strong, but I’m becoming exhausted mentally and financially. Let me show her a beautiful life.

I’m desperate for your intervention. Help him see. On January 27th 2013 I beg your presence in court, if not before then so my baby can know a safe and life of love.

Thank you Amen

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