Custody battle with Grandparent

by Blanca ()

I pray to St Jude to allow my children to stay in my care and not go visit Grandparents. May they get no right to my children. My husband who passed would not approve of this in anyway. He did not have a close relationship with his parents. They chose to open their home to his ex-wife instead of there own son (my husband). They now treat me as if I was divorced from their son, when we loved each other dearly. May the judge see through the lies on the court paperwork. My the case be thrown out before even a hearing can happen. St Jude I pray to you to keep them all far away from us. My children nor I need the toxic relationship in our life. 12 years in the picture and they choose not to accept us , but still I treated them with respect. They choose to fight me now because I asked for space to grieve with my children. May all of this stop St Jude. May they leave us alone and may my children and I be in peace. May you hear me St Jude and all the Saints. Amen

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