Cry from The Heart

by Colm (Geelong. Vic. Australiai)

Lord… there have been times in my life when I felt i was standing on the brink of an abyss……seing and feeling nothing but darkness and depair…T’is then my lips moved to shape the name of “Jesus”….no word was spoken….as in the silence the air moved as your wings gently covered me giving me the solace of knowing there is one who truly care’s. There are no words to describe the peace which stilled the yearning in my soul ……. like David of old I felt safe and secure for you were leading by still water’s as Your love with sweet serenity filled my heart…. Your spirit spoke to me with sighs and groans to deep for words as from thy presence showered a rain of love which washed away the darkness in my soul……My prayer Lord is for all who cry out in the darkness and wilderness of despair is for to know that you are just a whisper away……….

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