Cry for miracle

Dear Lord, heavenly father

Forgive us for the sins we do. Our thoughts, deeds and actions are so far away from your teachings. help us Lord to understand that your love is f=greater than what we can ask for. guide us and protect us from the sins of this world and help us to grow in your love. Lord, help us to not come to you only in time of need but also to thank you and worship you for all the little things that go unsaid. Lord, without your mercy we would be nowhere.

I have failed so many times and yet you bring back hope. help me to pass this exam. let the lecturer feel mercy on my situation Oh Lord as I cannot financially afford to sit this exam again.I believe you can work miraculous and a miracle is what I need. I have studied to the best of my ability when also working full time and did what I can. Please help me get that 6 marks that will total it to 50 in order to pass the subject and finally graduate.

Thank you Jesus for all the blessings you have showered upon me and everyone

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