Crippling debt

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Precious Heavenly Father, I knew that I had been getting deeper into debt but this morning as I was laying in bed praying, I asked You Lord to help me get out of this crippling debt and then I started adding up in my mind how much debt I have gotten us into and I can’t believe that I have done so much damage to our finances. Lord, this is totally my fault and I don’t know if I can even ask you to help me, but Lord, here I am asking for your help. This is a vicious cycle that I am having trouble getting out of. I am in so much trouble but as I prayed about this I realized that I wouldn’t need to borrow money or use credit cards if I hadn’t gotten so deep into debt. We would have enough money to pay cash for anything we might absolutely need but since I got us so deep into this mess, I am using every dollar to get out of debt. The interest alone is over $500 a month and as I realized this this morning, I became so sick about what I have done and I started to think that You must be so disgusted with me, could I really ask You now for your help getting out of this mess? Lord, it was then that I realized that if I don’t at least ask for your help, I certainly will not be getting your help. Your Word says that ” you have not because you ask not ” so Dear Lord, I come to You this morning and ask for your help to get out of this debt. I have a plan to pay it down but Lord it seems almost impossible for me to do this in my lifetime since I am a 75 year old lady on social security. I have also developed a problem with spending too. Lord, I want to please You, please Help me, I ask all of this in the Precious Name that is above all names and that includes the ugly name of crippling debt, Thank You Lord

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