Covering prayer of protection, strength , guidance

by Zandile ()

In the name of the father our lord Jesus christ i come before the saints of christ to agree with me in prayer for delivery and deliverance from the current work situation that i find myself in. the attacks and persecution unkown to me with fiery darts coming at me for no reason, i pray that God will be my shield and armor and lift me up of the miry clain and be the fourth man in this fiery furnance. i ask God for streght as i feel week and depressed during this and enduring the pain and situation that i made find renewed healing and hos overwhelming power and grace to be sufficient for me and my family and as this situation affects my livelihood my home life my children and what we have build in life that i speak HIS truth that no weapon formed against me shall prosper but He shall charge His angels to go forth. in the storm and in the persecution i am asking God to protect and heal my mind and my soul and in the process open new and better doors for me and i experience a sudden breakthrough that will set me up afar and higher and better than this situation. more than anything i pray for steadfastness, restoration of my joy trust and confidence in my abilities and talents. in the storm and in the situation i whilst God is opening up new doors i pray that i will be vindicated and delivered from whatever ills and plots of the enemy and attacks they have planned and as God has written in the Bible he will avenge those who attack the righteous. i pray that God gives me favor and anointing to continue to do my work and good work at that through the talents that he has bestowed upon me and even show me new ones that will set me apart before man and kingdoms. i pray that as God hears and answers my prayer and delivers me that i remain under the shadow of his wings, humbled and thankful always. i pray for financial deliverance and break through. i pray for a working environment in the next opportunity that God is bringing and opening up to me that it is an environment that has good leadership – highly favored man and women of God that i will have a leader and be a leader that is equally rooted and feeds off the wisdom and direction of God in how i engage and lead my people and work with them. i declare that i am the head and not the tail and suddenly blessings will come forth. i pray for health and healing and overcoming behaviors and habits that are binding me negatively and declare that i am loosed from them. i also pray for my children’s health – protection and sustenance and continuous provision and overflow. I pray for my family members as well, mother – father, sisters, brothers, husbands – in-laws that God hears their prayers and delivers them from their own situations and keep them in good health. i pray that the depression and anxiety will disappear and when i show up in any room or situation i show up with the favor of God and that God will close the mouths of the evil ones or those that speak ill of me and arrest their spirits and souls.

i thank God in advance for the favor and delivery that he will bestow upon me and the answered and delivered prayer in Jesus name.


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