Could someone pray with and for me

by Lakisha (Chicago Il)

Before I start off this prayer I want to take out the time to say thank you for all you have done for me and I also want to thank you in advance for your mighty miracles that you do in my life. God its this man name Cedric Andre Johnson whos the love of my life I knew from the first day I looked into his eyes he was the man I have prayed and dreamed for all of my life. When I looked into his eyes I could see a reflection of myself through his eyes and I could see so deep into this man soul it was so scary. God I know Cedric and I have been through a lot of storms in our life time and we have a lot of work to do in changing our lives but god I promise that I will love, support, honor, respect and cherish Cedric with all of my heart and might lord and thats a fact and promise. I also know that cedric has been through so much in his life time and has been broken lord I come to you in prayer to restore and heal cedric from the crown of his head to the bottom of his feet. Lord please open Cedrics heart and let him know that its OK for him to love and I know this will not be an easy process for him lord and I am willing to wait on him lord because he is that special to me. Lord could you bless us with a union and bond that could never be broken lord, Lord bless us with a union that will revolve around you and only you and could you always remind us to seek out to you even when times get rough lord. Could you bless us with a unconditional love, God fearing, Supportive, Respectful, non-abusive, caring, successful, protective, Faithful and healthy union lord I am pleading with all of my heart, soul and spirit lord I cant imagine my life without Andre lord he has made me so happy and has showed me what true unconditional love is all about and I am not looking for him to fill any voids in my life I am looking for him to add to my life lord. I promise to love, cherish, respect, support and honor him till the last breath in my body lord and I also want to be able to bare his first child lord and could you bless both of us with abundance and prosperity in our goals, dreams and finances lord could you also make sure that we are safe at all times and healthy and that lead us in all the right directions of life amen


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