Convert the ashes to money if you can

by Gabby ()

I Gabby and others Like MYSELF since many of these CHURCHES are becoming BEGGARS, and they spend all their time BEGGING for money and never teaching or doing Miraculous Healings or Healings of the Flock, even though Jesus Christ said DONT TAKE A BEGGING BAG to beg for monies, you are worth your hire. I will start getting 20 dollar bills from people when they give them to I Gabby since I am mentally disabled with schitzophrenia or at least that is what I have self diagnosed I Gabby myself with and am on disability for it since I proved these voices drive I Gabby insane at times, I dont even know if I Gabby spelled it right. Like old friends for my birthday will give I Gabby a 20 dollar bill to do with as I so see fit. I will take that 20$ bill and burn it to ashes and send ALL the ashes of each bill to each of the begging churches of I Gabbys CHOICE a bill a piece and if they have enough TRUE FAITH IN GOD JESUS, and if they are teaching the true GOD Jesus, then the TRUE GOD will RESTORE THAT BILL TO WHAT IT WAS AND THEN THEY CAN USE IT to fund themselfs. Yes God is Jesus. Why AM I DOING THIS well I have been to many churches as many other people have been to the many so called churces for HEALINGS, and MIRACULOUS HEALINGS, and when they COULD not heal us and placed the blame of their FAILURES on all of us the sick. So they ALL BLAMED US the SICK FOR THEM NOT SUCCEEDING, WE WERNT A TRUE CHRISTIAN OR CHRISTIAN ENOUGH OR DIDNT HAVE ENOUGH FAITH, or We WERE TO EVIL OF SINNERS TO BE HEALED, they even said that WE WERE SATAN IN THE FLESH, and GOD DONT HEAL SATAN. I Gabby will be passing the word along to others to do the same. BY YOUR FAITH WILL YOU GET YOUR MONIES FROM ASHES!

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