Contagious Love

by Tonya (Wilmington De)

Lord Jesus you have love me before I was in my mother’s womb you created me as a fine masterpiece and you done it in love you stand beside me each and every day just because you love me there’s no greater love Lord Jesus that I know I shall spread your love without ceasing because you’re last commandment was for us to be ordered by love Lord I Thank you for your great love navigating me along this journey without you I could make it but with you I will survive love has captivated me through your divine love and I’ll give you the glory and honor and praise for your love that is pure and Powerful your blood represents the banner of joy and I shall live according to your will of love it’s your agape love that is the root to your Vine I praise you for me being a branch that is covered by your everlasting love in Your mighty name I pray Lord Jesus keep waiting using me to spread you’re Contagious Love Amen

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